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When Y. B. Datuk Lee Chee Leong, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia, presented Datin Dr. Lynn Tan (N.D.) the Asia Direct Sales Product of the Year Award in December 2009, it was a momentous occasion.

The award was presented by Asia Direct Sales, an independent body that recognises the achievements of established network marketing and direct selling companies in the Asian region.

The coveted Product of the Year award was given to Datin Dr. Lynn’s 7-Day Detoxification & Rejuvenation Programme. It was selected for being the MOST EFFECTIVE product, the best detox cleanse in Asia!

Datin Dr. Lynn is an internationally recognized authority on body detox cleanse.

Her detox cleanse program is a result of years of research and experience. It has benefitted thousands of clients for close to two decades.

Almost everyone experienced rejuvenation, felt wholesome and looked younger.

What makes Datin Dr. Lynn’s program Asia’s best detox cleanse?

1. It uses food as medicine.

The program is founded on the principle of Hippocrates, Father of medicine, to let food be your medicine, and medicine, your food to restore the proper functions of your body to self-heal.

Many people suffer poor health because of accumulated toxins and the lack of nutrients over the years.

These toxins come from impure air and drinking water, produce ladened with pesticides, herbicides, hormones, excessive intake of salt, sugar, meat, consumption of white flour products, etc.

Your body works tirelessly to rid itself of these toxins via the eliminating organs such as your kidneys, liver, colon and skin.

The problem is compounded by the lack of vitamins, minerals, living enzymes, phytonutrients, fiber, etc., which you body needs to REBUILD.

Foods that are refined and processed have been striped of most of their nutrients.

Cooked vegetables also lose more than 80% of their vital nutrients.

Datin Dr. Lynn’s detox cleanse uses food as medicine so there is NO side effects. They include apple cider vinegar, raw honey, spirulina, juices, super green food, bee pollen, Hippocrates’ soup, etc. etc.

They help to detox your body effectively and safely. And replenish it with much-needed nutrients so your body can self-heal, self-repair and self-rejuvenate.

This is how Datin Dr. Lynn puts it …

“Remove what’s bad, put back what’s good and natural, and let what the body is built to do, recover and rejuvenate.”

2. It uses world-class natural products.

Quality matters because it determines the efficacy of a product.

Datin Dr. Lynn sourced the highest quality products from well established and reputable manufacturers all over the world.

They are from the U.S.A., New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, the Philippines and Italy.

The natural products are derived from food that can be eaten.

What makes Datin Dr. Lynn’s company unique is that it was NOT started because of the need for money. She was already doing very well financially.

When her health turned around, many people started asking her to make the natural products available to them (read her story here).

And soon she co-founded NewLife™ International so others can benefit from the great products; they are meticulously selected by Datin Dr. Lynn without compromising quality and efficacy for monetary gains.

3. It helps to detox and cleanse your WHOLE body.

Datin Dr. Lynn’s best detox cleanse gives your entire body a complete overhaul.

It helps to remove toxins from your colon, detoxify your liver, and purify your blood. It also helps to rejuvenate your kidney and skin, and supercharge your digestive system.

Each and every part of your body is vital for optimal health.

All your organs and bodily functions work synergistically to self-repair and rejuvenate.

As such, the need to detox and cleanse your whole body.

Datin Dr. Lynn’s detox cleanse has been so successful over the years because of this total approach.

If you are looking for the best detox cleanse to boost your health, help lose weight, look younger and more, click here to check out Datin Dr. Lynn’s 7-Day body detox program now.

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