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Potassium or K, is one of the most important minerals in the human body. It is indispensable in tissue protein synthesis and enzymatic processes, helping to maintain intracellular pH and regulate your kidney functions.

Potassium Supplement Malaysia, Potassium Compound Salts BuyK is predominantly within your cell, whereas Na (Sodium) is predominantly outside. Interestingly, a reciprocal relationship exists between K and Na. So that a substantial intake of one causes a corresponding decrease in the other.

Unfortunately, modern lifestyle overloads our body system with Na, thus depleting K. This causes tissue edema, which opens the door to further negative metabolic disturbances. And eventually acute and chronic diseases.




To reconstruct healthy cells, you must put back K into your system. Take NewLife™ K-Salt (Potassium Compound) daily for better health.

For those with health problems like high blood pressure and obesity. And also children or adults with chestiness and copious phlegm, daily Potassium supplementation is a must.

Potassium Supplement Malaysia, Potassium Compound Salts BuyNewLife™ K-Salt is also an effective weight loss product.

It is always wise to take potassium supplement daily to prevent the onslaught of health problems too.

NewLife™ K-Salt helps:

1. Remove excess Sodium in your cells.

2. Build new tissues.

3. Diuretic action. Counteracts water retention (edema or puffy eyes).

4. Replace electrolytes in your body.

5. Regulate your kidney functions.

6. Prevent cough and colds.

7. Remove chest congestion.

8. Strengthen your immunity.

NewLife™ K-Salt is a combination of potassium gluconate, potassium acetate and mono-potassium phosphate.

(Reprinted with permission of Total Reach Marketing Sdn. Bhd.)


Potassium Supplement Malaysia, Potassium Compound Salts BuyNEWLIFE™ POTASSIUM COMPOUND (K-SALT), 100g. USA


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